3. Joint sealer – Please don’t neglect your driveway..

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Joint sealer – Please don’t neglect your driveway..

Old/improperly placed sealer should be addressed before it looks like this..

Concrete is an incredible great building material, but don’t overestimate it.

From breathtaking architectural wonders, to industrial structures so vast, its almost as if they were erected by an extraterrestrial power, it’s no doubt that it’s one of the most important creations of our time. Despite all of this, it’s not entirely maintenance free. Whether you’re starting to see signs of deferred maintenance, have a brand new driveway that you want to last for decades, OR you’re drive is seemingly running away from your house.. it’s a VERY important aspect of cementous building materials.

This deviation is, by regulation, considered a trip hazard[/caption]

The atrocity above was caused by – you guessed it – unsealed joints! 😳

The joints in these photos started out as 1/8 inch gaps, after several years, these have managed to drift/shift to more than 6 times that size! The amount of water that gets trapped under the surface only gets greater, freezing (expanding) in the winter (especially here in Fremont Ne!) and repeating an exponentially worsening cycle.

The simple, and lasting solution! Photo Fremont NE

As crazy as it sounds, this is a VERY simple fix, and if you are looking to get the longest possible lifespan out of your concrete masterpiece, it is, in my opinion, an outright necessity. Although this would be a great point for me to place my number and a “CALL NOW FOR YOUR FREE ESTIMATE” button, but we stand by our promise. We are here to help you make the best decisions for you! In most cases it is probably best to have a professional instal sealer, as there is a very specific way to ensure the result is both a lasting product, and a clean, aesthetically pleasing one. (It can get really messy, REALLY quickly 😬)

However, if you have a steady hand, a good dose of common sense, and research the process thoroughly, you can do it yourself to save some money. There are plenty of how to videos on YouTube. Or, if you decide to have a professional do it in order to save yourself the headache, we would be more than glad to get you a free estimate!