About Us

About us

Spartan Solutions

The Midwest is an incredible place, with some of the nicest, and down to earth people in the world, and a large part of that is working together to help each other achieve our goals, and needs.

This is exactly how I view a well rounded business. We are here to make a living, but more fulfilling than that, is helping people get the quality, and value they deserve.

I grew up in a world of construction and hands-on work, and the trade lies deep within our lineage. Going as far back as the 1820’s, when my Grandfather came to the United States from Greece at just 13 years old.

With not a dime to his name, he built up to owning 3 businesses over the years, and became a great example of the American dream. Beyond that, My Dad has, and continues to be a huge inspiration, through both his teaching, and living example of how to treat customers in construction, real estate, and many other industries.

There are many more of us Hubbell’s in various fields, but one thing remains the same, “The customer’s project is to be treated as your own.” We are well equipped to do driveways, patios, even small repairs and maintenance, yet we are certainly no stranger to large commercial projects.


Best Services

We have a great relationship with many contractors, suppliers, and individuals in the community, and we’re here to stay, and grow!

Whatever you need, We are here to help, Even if it’s just for advice!